EU threatens countries for weak telecom regulators

The executive branch of the European Union (EU) is opening up legal proceedings against Sweden, Lithuania and Latvia for having weak or non-independent telecomm regulators. Other nations are also getting spanked for EU telecom sins.

Sweden gets singled out for its national regulatory agency not having the power to settle interconnection disputes between operators, while national regulators in Lithuania and Lativa have failed to maintain independence from their respective telecom ministries.

All three countries have received a formal letter of notice, the first of three legal steps leading to the European Court of Justice. Spain is on step two - a "reasoned opinion" - concerning its failure to meet EU universal service requirements. Poland and Cyprus are on step three and have been referred to the Court of Justice. Poland has been accused of failing to regulate the retail market for broadband Internet access, while Cyprus has a court date over its rights of way rules.

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