FairPoint disputes Verizon cutover readiness allegations

FairPoint Communications is disputing accusations that it was not ready to take over New England telephone (Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont) lines from Verizon in February. The accusations emerged last week when an anonymous e-mail was sent to the Vermont Public Service Board and regulatory officials in Maine in New Hampshire. "FairPoint disputes and has discovered no evidence to support the allegations," the ILEC said yesterday in its filing with the Vermont Public Service board.

Nonetheless, state law enforcement officials may look into the matter. Ann Rice, the associate attorney general in New Hampshire, is looking into the possibility that a crime was committed, though she provided few details on the inquiry. Likewise, Maine Attorney General Janet Mills' office has also begun an investigation into the matter.

FairPoint told the Vermont Public Service Board in a five-page letter that it hired two separate law firms to review the allegations, and the firms "found no evidence to support the allegations of a fraudulent or fabricated testing process, and they have dissevered no evidence that FairPoint intended to mislead or actually misled Liberty about testing results."

FairPoint demonstrated its readiness for the cutover for a firm working for the three states, Liberty Consulting Group.

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