FairPoint's Vermont network problems continue to swell

FairPoint Communications seems to be running on a never-ending treadmill in its effort to resolve issues on the telephone lines it purchased from Verizon telephone in New England. The ILEC is now under fire again from the Vermont Department of Public Service, which is launching an investigation to determine if FairPoint should be allowed to continue operating in Vermont if its customer service, billing and other operational issues are not resolved soon. This latest development is just one of many mishaps the ILEC has had after it switched over the lines it bought from Verizon into its own network operations. Along with Vermont, FairPoint has had continual customer service and operational issues in both New Hampshire and Maine.

Not surprisingly, FairPoint maintains that they are making progress to resolve the reported issues. But even if FairPoint is making an effort to improve its stature through a plan it filed in March, the department does not believe the improvements are being made fast enough to satisfy consumers. Since FairPoint switched over from Verizon's back office systems to its own in February, the Department of Public Service reports a high level of complaints, including billing errors, repair issues and an inability to reach customer service representatives.

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