FairPoint transfer proceeds, union unhappy

FairPoint Communication, along with integration partner Cap Geminis, has started the process of switching operations in northern New England from hundreds of legacy systems run by Verizon Communications to its own new systems. The company expects that it will be free of the Verizon ties by Monday, Feb. 9. FairPoint states in a press release issued this morning that data extraction from more than 600 Verizon systems began last Friday. The data will be consolidated into about 60 new systems operated by FairPoint. During the transition, "customer orders and non-emergency service requests will be manually recorded and fulfilled after the new systems are operating," the release states.

Meanwhile, FairPoint is being slammed by union forces in Vermont, who said that the company is going back on a pledge to bring 34 new jobs to Vermont as part of its acquisition of the former Verizon properties. FairPoint admitted last week that amid economic uncertainty it has decided to leave the jobs it planned to bring to Vermont as outsourced jobs for now. The move certainly will be unpopular, but perhaps is not surprising. It's clear that the North Carolina-based telco still has to prove itself to the locals in New England--providing a level of service that counter-balances all the criticism will help.

For more:
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- MSNBC has the Associated Press jobs report

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