FCC chief praises low-priced broadband efforts

The bargain basement broadband service packages being offered by Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA) and other service providers, primarily cable TV companies, have earned the praise of Federal Communications Commission chief Julius Genachowski.

Julius Genachowski, FCC


The FCC chairman said this week that the low-priced broadband offerings--around $10 per month--that target low-income households with kids who are eligible for the National School Lunch program were evidence that the industry is willing to step up and address the broadband adoption issue, according to a Multichannel News report.

Genachowski apparently is a really big fan of these packages--he already singled out Comcast for praise a few months back.

Time Warner Cable (NYSE: TWC) and Cox Communications followed Comcast in offering low-cost package, and Genachowski urged other broadband service providers to do the same. The other providers in some cases have tried to improve upon Comcast's offer by promising faster speeds, which no doubt pleases anyone who has argued that it is possible to create competition and industry excitement at the lowest cost levels.

Comcast actually pioneered the low-cost approach as part of a voluntary pledge it made while it was waiting for federal approval of its NBCUniversal deal.

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