FCC releases broadband over power line rules

The FCC has finally released its rules for the use of Broadband over Power Line (BPL) technology.

Although the agency's Second Report and Order did not specify any specific changes, they decided to make "several refinements."

Among the modifications to the rules are an "increase the required notch filtering capability for systems operating below 30 MHz from 20 to 25 dB; establish a new alternative procedure for determining site-specific extrapolation factors...; and adopts a definition for the 'slant-range distance' used in the BPL measurement guidelines to further clarify its application."

One of the concerns about BPL that the FCC also addressed in its SR&O was mitigating potential interference issues with existing ham radio operators.  

While service providers offering a profitable BPL service has been elusive with many high profile projects like the failed Manassas, Va. project, BPL does have applicability by electric and gas utilities in smart grid applications to measure internal operations and even help consumers manage their energy consumption.

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