FCC: Republicans' net neutrality protest gets louder

Opposition to the FCC's proposed net neutrality plans continues to mount. Leading the protest is Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) and 17 other Republican senators, who sent a letter to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski saying that his proposals would not only discourage service providers to make new broadband network investments but inhibit "the freedom of the Internet."

"When the government picks winners and losers in the marketplace, the incentive to invest disappears," read the letter.

In September, Chairman Genachowski put forth his plan to create a set of net neutrality rules that would prevent service providers from blocking or dialing down specific content that might not be supplied by the service provider themselves. The FCC will propose a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking during its meeting next Thursday, October 22.  

Republican opposition to net neutrality predates the appointment of Genachowski as the FCC's chairman. In April, Brownback spoke out about the net neutrality issue. Then, Brownback and fellow Republican senators launched an effort to stop Genachowski's plan when he introduced it in September.

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