FCC's Levin wants more feedback for proposed broadband plan

Echoing comments he made in July about not being impressed with the initial feedback he got from the industry around the proposed broadband it has to submit to Congress in February, Blair Levin, the executive director of the FCC's omnibus broadband initiative, is once again asking for more ideas from the industry. Levin thinks that the main goal of this broadband plan should focus on getting more broadband to ‘unserved' areas, adding that such capabilities will assist job applicants and students conducting research and doing their homework, among other things.

However, Levin was also quick to point out that making a universal broadband plan work will be a multi-group effort. "It ain't going to be done just at the FCC," he said in a statement. "There's no way in the world that those of us who are blessed to have the opportunity to work on this full time can actually answer the tough questions."

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