FD.io adds Arm, Linaro and Netgate to member roster, furthers software-defined vision

Canada’s Center of Excellence in Next Generation Networking also joined FD.io as the organization’s first Associate member.

FD.io (The Fast Data Project) named Arm, Linaro and Netgate as Silver level members, illustrating the growing momentum for the industrywide need to support high-performance software-defined infrastructures.

Canada’s Center of Excellence in Next Generation Networks (CENGN), which recently unveiled its new Pharos OPNFV training program, also joined FD.io as the organization’s first Associate member.

These new members enhance the diversity of FD.io’s existing roster of chip vendors, integrators, network vendors and service providers committed to accelerating high-performing, dynamic computing environments.

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Linaro is leading collaboration on open source development in the Arm ecosystem. The company has over 250 engineers working on consolidating and optimizing open source software for the Arm architecture, including developer tools, the Linux kernel, Arm power management, and other software infrastructure.

Arm, meanwhile, is a supplier of microprocessor technology to support a host of sensor, smartphone and supercomputer applications.

FD.io offers the software-defined infrastructure developer community a landing site with multiple projects fostering innovations in software-based packet processing toward the creation of high-throughput, low-latency, and IO services suitable to many architectures (x86, ARM, and PowerPC) and deployment environments (bare metal, VM, container). By adding Arm and Linaro, a collaborator of open source development within the Arm ecosystem, FD.io says the project can expect greater integration within the Arm architecture and broader ecosystem.

“Arm joining as an official member—combined with Linaro, which champions Arm-related open source efforts—will support even greater collaboration and growth across chipsets and ecosystems,” said David Ward, FD.io board chair and SVP, CTO, and chief architect of engineering at Cisco, in a release. “Additionally, Netgate has been a prominent code contributor as we welcome CENGN as the first Associate member, continuing the organization’s existing relationship with the community.”

The addition of these four new members follows the project’s recent FD.io 17.07 release, which includes improvements to the TCP Host Stack and support for several new container dataplane interfaces that support VPP use cases, such as a VPP-based vSwitch talking to a VPP-based Virtual Network Function (VNF). Additionally, the release includes a number of new overlay protocols (e.g., MPLS over Segment Routing, GRE over IPv6, and GTP-U), and a 10% improvement in VXLAN performance.

FD.io will hold a Mini-Summit co-located with CloudNativeCon + KubeCon North America on Dec. 5 in Austin, Texas. During that event, software-defined community members will discuss a range of topics, including FD.io projects, use cases, capabilities, integration between FD.io and Kubernetes/OpenStack/ODL/OPNFV/other communities, and tools.