FiberLight extends dedicated network to Smith-Midland Corp.

FiberLight's effort to build a high-priority onramp network to the public Internet for high priority enterprise and government customers continues to pay off as it wins a contract with Smith-Midland Corporation.

Under the terms of the new deal, Smith-Midland Corporation will connect its Midland, Va. headquarters to FiberLight's Virginia fiber network.

Before FiberLight built out its network in Virginia, Guy Schuch, Chief Technology Officer at Smith-Midland Corp., said that having "high-capacity transport for the purposes of accessing the broader market and key applications over the Internet, as well as allowing remote employees better VPN access back to our headquarters was not available before FiberLight built the new network."

While there are certainly a number of DIA offerings in the market, FiberLight is differentiating its Dedicated IP service offering by reducing network congestion and security threats that can come about when their traffic is carried on the same network.

However, Virginia is just one of many markets where it is developing networks dedicated to stringent business needs. The service provider recently completed construction of an underground fiber network designed to serve Miami's financial district.

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