FiberLight identifies 8,000 new opportunities for fiber network

FiberLight is once again putting its plow into the ground with a new initiative to bring its fiber network closer to an additional 8,000 new buildings located along the 4,200 route mile footprint.

Set on satisfying the needs of government, enterprise, educational and other service providers, the network expansion project fulfills two needs: expanding its fiber network footprint to serve new locations and constructing new protected rings to serve additional customers.

Michael P. Miller, CEO and Founder of FiberLight, said what sets apart from other players is its approach. "With our preference for underground facilities, we can provide clients with a more stable and secure network platform than the typical cable and CLEC networks that tend to ride the pole lines," he said. "Because of our massive footprint, FiberLight is able to target more than 8,000 unique buildings and towers near our network that we can cost-effectively serve with new, state of the art, mission-critical fiber while providing connectivity to those businesses back to any of the more than 200 key data centers and carrier hotel facilities where we are already interconnected."

First up on the expansion list is Dallas, Texas. In Q1 2011, FiberLight will connect its fiber network backbone to over 150 additional buildings.

This latest announced network expansion is part of a series of expansions that the competitive carrier has taken over the past year, including Baltimore, Md. and Charlottesville, Va.  

As a multi-purpose network, FiberLight's ongoing network expansion efforts continue to resonate not only with area businesses that need higher bandwidth, but also with mobile service providers needing alternative wireless backhaul providers including WiMAX provider Clearwire (Nasdaq: CLWR).

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