FiberLight introduces dedicated IP service platform for enterprise, government customers

Enterprise and government customers that are willing to pay a premium for services that are separated from the rest of the public Internet are in luck as FiberLight is now offering a new Dedicated IP network service that is dedicated to their specific needs.

Since typical web hosting and ISP traffic tends to be more bursty in nature, FiberLight said that the Dedicated IP service will enable it to reduce network congestion and security threats that can come about when their traffic is carried on the same network.

Ben Edmond, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing for FiberLight, said that by "purpose building an enterprise only offering for our IP network that segments network service providers and web centric companies traffic that typically have higher burst levels and are more prone to network attacks."

To make the new dedicated network services possible, FiberLight has deployed Juniper's core routing platform and is working with IBM, which will provide design and engineering services.  

Edmonds told ConnectedPlanet that customers will be able to access the new dedicated network by buying a dedicated or shared carrier Ethernet connection from FiberLight. This Ethernet connection could also include separate virtual circuits that connect to FiberLight's carrier Ethernet network for data center or wide area enterprise network connectivity.

Available only to enterprise and government customers at speeds from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps, the new network service is currently available in all but two of its serving markets.

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