FiberLight lends connection to the North Georgia Network

North Georgia Networks (NGN), an eight-member consortium in Georgia that's building a 1,000-mile fiber middle mile optical network across North Georgia, has established a connection with FiberLight to get to major Internet hubs outside of Georgia.

FiberLight will bridge a segment of its network in Alpharetta, Ga. with NGN's proposed 1,000 mile network, with a diverse connection from North Georgia to metro Atlanta in addition to providing a connection to Telx's 56 Marietta data center in downtown Atlanta.

For an emerging player like NGN, the neutral 56 Marietta facility is relevant in that it houses 35,000 connections between carriers, enterprises and service providers. NGN will make itself more valuable to other service provider and multisite businesses that want a single source to carry their services outside of the state borders.

Like other middle mile network initiatives, the $42 million NGN network and its partnership with FiberLight is about extending services typically found in large cities to smaller towns and cities that have little, if any, choices for their telecom service. Traditionally, smaller providers like NGN would have had to work with a larger incumbent service provider that would probably charge high fees.

When the network is complete, it will reach about 42,000 homes, 9,200 businesses and 245 institutions, including public schools, universities, hospitals and local government agency buildings.

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