Fidelity upgrades business broadband speed to 75 Mbps to broaden appeal to SMBs

Coaxial cable cord cut (FDominec / Wikipedia)
Fidelity Communications leverages its HFC plant to establish 75/10 Mbps as the baseline speed for small business customers. (Image: FDominec/Wikipedia)

Fidelity Communications, a growing regional cable operator, is giving small- to medium-sized business (SMB) customers another reason to choose the cable MSO over the local telco by providing a speed upgrade to 75/10 Mbps.

Existing and new business customers will be able to get the higher-speed service for no additional cost or having to extend a service contract.

Fidelity’s base business internet package now includes a 75/10 Mbps speed tier.

Offering an internet package as the base choice will give Fidelity business customers a high-speed option in markets where the only other choice may be a slower-speed DSL or T-1 line from the local telco.

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What’s also compelling for Fidelity is that the cable MSO can strengthen its bond with business customers by using its existing hybrid fiber-coax (HFC) network. Such speeds may be applicable to not only single site businesses, but also branch offices of larger business customers that don’t need a full-blown fiber-based Ethernet service.

Business customers that opt for the new 75/10 speed tier may need new CPE, which Fidelity will install.

Fidelity said that businesses that require new equipment will be notified. The company’s Business Solutions Consultants will reach out to business customers to make service appointments for equipment upgrades.

The cable MSO could also use the new speed upgrade to lure business customers to purchase other services like its cloud-based UltraLine UC voice service or Business TV services.