FiOS launches 3D movies on demand; wholesale IP transit prices trend downward

> Verizon's FiOS launched its 3D television offering on Tuesday, making eight movies available via its on demand service, Multichannel News reports. The 3D movies rent for about $2 more than regular on demand selections, making that eight more films I won't pay to watch. Story.

> Internet TV platform provider Verismo has raised $17 million in funding, the company announced yesterday, with Intel Capital leading the investment round. News release.

> Telefonica S.A. is aiming high these days, Bloomberg reports, saying it wants to have 270 million clients in Latin America by 2015. The carrier has about 180 million clients now. Story.

> PlayStation Network continues to push its streaming capabilities, this week announcing that it will be offering VUDU's HD streaming movie service (which also features Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound) through its PS3 unit. News release.

> Alcatel-Lucent is moving ahead with the Seychelles East Africa System (SEAS), an undersea cable which will link Victoria, Seychelles to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Telegeography reports. The operator signed a $30 million contract with Seychelles Cable System to build the 1,900 km connection. Story.

> TalkTalk, an ISP based in the United Kingdom, reported a 12 percent increase in revenues for the first half of 2010, along with climbing broadband subscriber numbers. Story.

And finally... nobody's talking about it, von|xchange's Richard Martin writes, but prices for wholesale IP transit continue to fall even as demand for broadband bandwidth soars upward. Story.