Former DT exec Clauberg lands new job at Amazon Web Services

Former DT executive Axel Clauberg starts a new job at Amazon Web Services this this month. (Pixabay)

SDN and NFV pioneer Axel Clauberg has exited Deutsche Telekom in favor of a new job at Amazon Web Services as Solutions Architect Leader in Germany, according to his LinkedIn profile. Clauberg started his new job at AWS this month. Light Reading first reported Clauberg's new gig Thursday morning.

Early last year, Clauberg slid over from his role as Deutsche Telekom's vice president, aggregation, transport, IP (TI-ATI) and infrastructure cloud architecture, to Deutsche Telekom's enterprise division, T-Systems. At T-Systems, Clauberg held the title of vice president, strategic portfolio management and CTO of telecommunications services.

Clauberg serves as the chairman of the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) and he also worked at Cisco for 13 years prior to joining DT. During his time at DT and T-Systems, Clauberg was a featured speaker and panelist at various industry events. Clauberg has seen the industry from various points of view over the years, which lent credence to his call last year for more cooperation between open source communities and standards development organizations (SDOs) during an interview with FierceTelecom at the Open Networking Summit.

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Axel Clauberg

When Clauberg started working at Deutsche Telekom nine years ago, he was tasked with leading DT's NFV efforts and its TeraStream team. TeraStream was designed to reduce IT complexity in existing networks by migrating the operating systems for network operations to the cloud.

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Two years ago, Clauberg was named as one of the top 25 movers and shakers in the telecom industry by FierceTelecom.