France's IPTV subscribers rise 20 percent in Q1

French consumers are increasingly tuning into IPTV as their new TV medium.

A new report released by Arcep, France's telecom regulator, revealed that service providers overall added 2.1 million new IPTV subscriptions in France as of the end of March, reaching a total of 11.4 million subscribers.

Similar to U.S.-based service providers like AT&T (NYSE: T), via U-verse, and Verizon (NYSE: VZ), via FiOS, French consumers purchasing IPTV as part of a broadband bundle. Almost 60 percent of France's ADSL connections include a TV service.

Not surprisingly, DSL access continues to be the dominant broadband access medium in France, representing 95 percent of the country's total broadband connections. However, "very high speed" broadband, including 138,000 FTTH subscribers, now reaches 516,000 customers.  

As of the end of March 2011, France had 21.8 million subscribers, an 8 percent or 460,000 rise in new lines, over 2010.

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