France Telecom adds new channels and Android app to IPTV lineup

France Telecom (NYSE: FTE) is upping the ante of its IPTV offering, TV d'Orange, with the addition of new music and video channels as well as a free premium movie Android application.

Complementing its traditional 130 channel IPTV offering, is its new (Extra) video channel package, which includes offers 35 new channels including eight entertainment channels, eleven music channels, seven children's channels, four sports channels and six factual channels in addition to ten new on-demand channels.

Although the new offerings are priced at €14 ($19) a month, Orange is offering Extra at a €7 ($9) discount for the first three months in an effort to expand video-on-demand subscribership.

Orange's move to expand its VoD subscriber base reflects the growing use it is seeing with the application. In 2010, Orange reported that VoD usage was up 38 percent over 2009, with over 1.3 VoD requests in just December.

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