France Telecom's embattled former leader Didier Lombard leaves

Didier Lombard, the former Chairman and CEO of France Telecom (NYSE: FTE) who came under fire for a rash of employee suicides during his tenure, has decided to leave.

Although Lombard previously said he would retain a special adviser role to new Chairman and CEO Stephane Richard, he came to the conclusion that it would be in the "best interests" to France Telecom to not take on that role.  

Richard became chairman last week after Lombard, who wasn't supposed to leave until June, resigned.

Interestingly, it was Richard, who was next in line for both the CEO and Chairman spot when Lombard's term was up, called for Lombard to step down last year.

In a prepared statement, Lombard said that he hoped the service provider will "be able to move forward with dignity and confidence, pursuing its development both in France and internationally, under the direction of Stephane Richard."

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