Free Press proposes $44 billion for broadband

Yet another group is calling for Congress, President-elect Barack Obama and the federal government to steer funds in the direction of the U.S. broadband effort. The Free Press media reform advocacy group said the U.S. government should spend $44 billion on broadband improvement, which is less than other broadband advocates might ask for, but we'll take it, right? Obama and some in Congress have indicated that broadband is expected to get a piece of a total economic stimulus package expected to be worth $600 billion or more, but it is not yet clear how much is coming broadband's way.

The Free Press outlines how the recommended $44 billion should be spent: $15 billion on a Universal Service Broadband Infrastructure Fund; $5 billion on a mobility fund; $3 billion on a program to buy students laptop PCs and outfit community buildings with Wi-Fi; and, about $3 billion total in tax credits for a variety of companies addressing the broadband build-out and upgrade. Yes, that's only $26 billion, but you can read the full Free Press proposal via the Ars Technica link below.

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- Ars Technica has more
- Network World has coverage

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