Frontier extends IPTV service to 19K FTTH, 26K copper homes in South Carolina

Image: Maurizio Pesce/CC BY 2.0

Frontier is deepening its Vantage TV service in the South Carolina market, enabling 19,000 FTTH and 26,000 traditional copper-based households to get the IPTV and higher speed broadband services.

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Leveraging the existing FTTH network built by Verizon in 2008 in parts of North Myrtle Beach in 2008, Frontier upgraded the fiber plant to support Vantage TV packages that include 1 Gbps broadband speeds to residential customers. In 2010, Frontier assumed the North Myrtle Beach FiOS network following its deal to acquire Verizon’s wireline operations in 14 states.

Likewise, on its hybrid fiber-to-the-node (FTTN)-based network, Frontier will offer the Vantage service with top data speeds of up to 115 Mbps in the greater Myrtle Beach area and Conway.

Bob Elek, a spokesman for Frontier, in an interview with FierceTelecom, said the IPTV service is an additional element for the FTTH and FTTN networks that were previously built.

Verizon only offered broadband and voice, the majority of which were located in North Myrtle Beach multi-dwelling units (MDUs).

“We’re taking that fiber and add adding the Vantage TV service to it,” Elek said. “At the same time, we’re doing a hybrid copper/fiber network similar to AT&T’s U-verse.”

Elek added that “the intention is to add as many sites as we can.”

Frontier plans to offer a series of double and triple play service packages.

Double play internet and TV packages are available for $69.99 or $54.99 with the same features plus a $300 Amazon gift card. TV packages with more channels are also available.

Triple play packages in the Prime TV lineup include:

  • Over 180 unique TV channels (standard definition and HD)
  • Broadband service featuring symmetrical 30 Mbps when delivered over all-fiber (12 Mbps/1.5 Mbps speed for the fiber-copper hybrid)
  • Telephone service plus a $400 Amazon gift card for $79.99 or $64.99 per month, respectively.

Additionally, Frontier said it will offer new Vantage customers free installation and TV activation, free DVR for 12 months, no contract and a 24 month price lock. A key feature that Frontier plans to offer on the Vantage TV bundle is built-in access to Netflix with the ability to connect through the set-top box. 

The service provider’s latest IPTV move reflects the broader strategy to leverage its existing FTTN network to bring service ultimately to 7 million customers across the network territory. This goal will also target the Verizon wireline properties Frontier acquired earlier this year in California, Florida and Texas.

Outside of these areas, Frontier is also going to deliver 10 Mbps services to rural parts of the state by leveraging CAF-II funding.

“Eventually we’ll finish up with the CAF II funding for the rural parts of the Carolinas and the provisions on that is a 10 Mbps speed minimum,” Elek said.