Frontier to deepen wholesale Ethernet in East, Western regions following Verizon deal

When Frontier Communications completes its acquisition of Verizon's assets in California, Florida and Texas, the service provider will have an even larger Ethernet footprint, one which will allow Frontier to deepen its retail and wholesale customer relationships.  

In the next phase of its Ethernet buildout, the service provider plans to extend its interLATA and intraLATA E-Path service offerings for into a number of Western and Eastern states in its territory.

During the second quarter, it will extend these services into Washington, Oregon and the Northern California area.

Additionally, the service provider plans to offer an E-LAN flavor to its intraLATA plans and the ability to support multiple classes of service (CoS).

Frontier will also start offering these services in its Connecticut market and later in the Verizon markets it will enter.

"As we move through the California, Texas, and Florida acquisition eventually those will be folded in as well, but our third phase of E-Path will actually be folding in Connecticut and the Carolinas and expand possibly into Maine and get as much as a long haul reach as possible," said Lisa Partridge, senior data product manager for Frontier, in an interview with FierceTelecom. "Our goal is to add those additional enhancements into our local portfolio and expand our long-haul portfolio into additional states as we go through these various acquisitions."

Frontier's plans come on the heels of announcing its debut of an Ethernet Private Line (EPL) to its growing E-Line Ethernet wholesale solutions portfolio, which enhances its local and long-haul access methods for the telco's carrier customers.

EPL will have the same bandwidth profiles and rates the telco offers via its local IntraLATA EVPL service.

"As part of our expansion effort, we continue go through the various acquisitions and our own Ethernet portfolio making sure we're continued aligned with our 2.0 certification," Partridge said.

These actions are part of Frontier's effort to fold in Layer 2 Ethernet Private Line into its portfolio.

"Our Ethernet private line is an intraLATA flavor and when we made our E-Path announcement that was our interLATA capability that was limited to 12 states," Partridge said. "We have introduced the notion of we're allowing all the one bundled capability through the EPL environment on that same offer so we cared for locally what we needed to and also our entrance into a long-haul offering."

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