FTT-ugh: i3 America conducts fiber through the sewer trial in Quincy, Ill.

i3 America believes that you don't have to dig a trench or get access to telephone poles to extend fiber to homes and businesses, but instead just leverage a city or town's existing ducts, including the sewer system.

And i3 is doing just that in a trial with the city of Quincy, Ill., which has just approved a pilot project that will put its technologies and methodologies on display for all to see. As the first deployment i3 has done in the U.S. market, the company claims that its project will be able to lower the cost of delivering fiber to the home (FTTH) to residences and businesses.

Unlike traditional methods, i3 said its Fibrecity network delivery system can be deployed faster because it leverages the already existing waste water networks. As an open-access network system, i3 can deliver 100 Mbps-based FTTH connectivity services.

i3's move is not all talk, however. The company is currently rolling out similar systems in England and Scotland in addition to a pilot network in Australia.

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