FTTH moves into the limelight

FTTH has moved off the pages of industry newsletters, techie magazines and computer rags and into the mainstream media. The Associated Press yesterday dig a longish story that details the whys and wherefores of FTTH, talks about the SPEED and the haves and have-nots. And Verizon gets a great plug (essentially a free ad) for the service it'll eventually be offering in the 17 states in which it operates. 

Graham Finnie, Heavy Reading's chief analyst, says he expects 13 percent of U.S. households to be connected to fiber by 2012, primarily in Verizon country.

"What happens to everyone else? There's going to be a huge community of people who are not getting FTTH in the next five years," Finnie said. "This is not a market where there's a smooth progression across countries and regions - it's going to be extremely variable." 

So, does a little publicity for FTTH mean that if you're a telco or cable operator you need to start preparing your call centers for a flood of queries from partially informed citizens aching for faster downloads of "Dancing with the Stars" reruns?

Well, yes, or at least a steady trickle.
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