Fujitsu campus uses hydrogen fuel cell

Fujitsu, the Tokyo-based consumer electronics giant that also make equipment for telecom networks, announced that its Sunnyvale, Calif., campus now uses a hydrogen fuel cell generator. Strictly speaking, that may not be huge telecom industry news, but telcos have been dabbling in fuel cell technology for a while as a possible replacement for back-up batteries, or even as a preferred network power source. Hydrogen fuel cells can offer a less costly power option than current practices, with less wasted energy.

Still, as of yet, telcos and other telecom firms have rarely gone past the trial stage or very limited usage of fuel cells. Very few of them have promoted the concept beyond general claims of their good intentions for the future. Maybe this news from Fujitsu will generate (get it?) new excitement, and fuel (ok, I'll stop) a trend in telecom companies seeking alternative power sources.

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