Future still belongs to IPTV, and vice versa

IPTV progress has been relentless in the last year as several IPTV service providers around the world have surpassed the 1 million subscriber mark, or gotten closer to it. Telco IPTV services also have started to steal some cable TV thunder, which is not something that most industry watchers--or the telcos themselves--expected to happen this quickly.

Still, so many questions surround IPTV even as it gains adoption: How will bundled IPTV, essentially free, affect the ability of telcos to make money from premium content offerings? How will over-the-top online video trends affect IPTV, and is integrating the two worlds the right approach? Are set-top boxes on their way out? Will Microsoft Mediaroom own the living room, or could the telco-inspired Soft At Home give the software giant a run for its money?

Microsoft TV, Integra5, MU Dynamics, Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco Systems, Ericsson and Zeugma Systems are just a few of the companies primed to talk about IPTV at the show.