Is Genachowski getting ready to flee the FCC coop?

It appears that FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski may be getting ready to step down as the agency's chairman because President Barack Obama may be nominating him as the next Secretary of Commerce, according to a report in The Hill.

Citing a number of unnamed sources, the report said that Genachowski is cited one of several possible candidates to replace Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, who has been nominated as the U.S. ambassador to China. One of the other issues is that the White House would like to more decision-oriented FCC chairman.

But at this point the idea of Genachowski leaving the FCC is nothing more than a rumor.

Josh Gottheimer, senior counselor to Genachowski, told FierceTelecom's sister publication FierceWireless that "Chairman Genachowski is very happy at the FCC and is focused on harnessing the opportunities of the communications and technology space," adding that "He has no intention to leave his position."

Since Genachowski took over as the FCC in June 2009, his tenure at the FCC has been fraught with challenges from the start. In addition to creating his ambitious broadband plan, Genachowski has been engaged in an ongoing fight with both House Republicans and Verizon Communications (NYSE: VZ) and Metro PCS over the net neutrality rules for wireline and wireless networks that were passed in January.

Genachowski's net neutrality troubles continue to mount. Just this week, House Republicans not only voted yesterday to eliminate the rules, but they have proposed cutting FCC funding so it can't implement the rules.

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