Genachowski to be new FCC Chaiman?

The Washington Post reports today that Julius Genachowski, who drafted Barack Obama's "Innovation Agenda" during the presidential campaign, could be named chairman of the FCC as soon as today. Genachowski attended Harvard Law School with Obama, and he served as chief counsel to former FCC Chairman Reid Hundt so he knows the scope of the position well. He also was Obama's lead technology advisor, so he's certainly going to be on the same page as the President-Elect on issues like Net Neutrality, broadband expansion, and large amounts of funding for technology projects.

The article claims that Genachowski also considered the newly-created CTO role in the administration, but decided to direct his aspirations at the FCC chairman position because of its much greater regulatory role.

Genachowski has an impressive record working with technology and communications companies: He was Chief of Business Operations at InterActiveCorp; he's co-founder of Rock Creek Ventures, which currently backs 11 internet-based start-ups, and he's also served on the boards of numerous technology ad new media companies, including The Motley Fool,, Truveo, and Rapt. Genachowski holds a BA from Columbia College and a JD from Harvard Law School. 

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- the Washington Post has an article here 

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