Global Capacity expands 7 Ethernet access points, aims to ease cloud service access

Ethernet network

Global Capacity has expanded seven One Marketplace points of presence (POPs) in its North American network, giving customers new options to access cloud and over-the-top applications and data services.

As part of this latest upgrade, Global Capacity has upgraded six Ethernet local access aggregation points and three Ethernet Backbone points.

The new Ethernet-enabled locations include Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, Minneapolis, and three new POPs in Boston, Kansas City, Missouri, and Vienna, Virginia.

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The locations added to the high-performance Ethernet backbone include Kansas City, Minneapolis and Toronto.

Customers will be able to access these aggregation points to gain a host of diverse route options, competitive pricing and a broad selection of network access services to One Marketplace customers. Ethernet has become the main connectivity choice for SD-WAN, Hybrid WAN and Cloud Connectivity solutions.

The popularity of these enterprise services drives Global Capacity's continued expansion and investment in its One Marketplace network. 

Jack Lodge, president of Global Capacity, said in 2016 that it "achieved 37% growth in installed Ethernet revenue driven by cloud and data center connectivity, and the higher traffic needs of today's data-driven society.”

Besides offering more Ethernet access points, Global Capacity continues to ramp up its service offerings. In January, Global Capacity launched its Ethernet Multi-Cloud Connect Service, giving enterprises connectivity to five major cloud exchanges from a single port.