Global Crossing confirms participation in World IPv6 day

Global Crossing (Nasdaq: GLBC), which is in the process of being bought by Level 3 (Nasdaq: LVLT), is the latest service provider to announce it will participate in World IPv6 Day.

In preparation for IPv6 World Day, the service provider plans to increase technical support for both its customers and visitors that need to test their ability to connect to its IPv6-enabled site.

Although Global Crossing has been delivering IPv6-based services in dual stack IPv4/IPv6 mode for almost a decade, it turned up IPv6 capability on its website on May 31 in preparation for the June 8 event.

Like other global service providers, Global Crossing will provide necessary technical and customer assistance via its Facebook page and has established a special hashtag on its Twitter page (#IPv6Day) to communicate with users for the day. Meanwhile, existing customers will be able reach a company representative via Global Crossing's uCommandTM customer portal. 

Being a multiyear transition, Global Crossing has encouraged businesses to work with a service provider that already has a dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 network, which enables IPv6 and IPv4 traffic to be simultaneously routed on the network. The dual stack configuration allows business customers to test an IPv6 network implementation without switching their existing IPv4 network connection so they can obtain acess to part of the Internet that have not transitioned to IPv6 yet.

Of course, the true test for Global Crossing and other service providers and their customers will ultimately come on June 8, a day when the IT and telecom industries will see firsthand the practical issues they'll have to deal with in a live IPv6-enabled environment.

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