Global Crossing goes global with WAN optimization

While offering WAN optimization as a managed service is nothing new to Global Crossing, what is new is that the service provider is going to offer it on a global basis.

For the new managed WAN optimization service, which leverages a compression and caching technology to eliminate redundant transmissions, Global Crossing will deploy and manage Juniper's WXC Series Application Acceleration Platforms for WAN optimization at each customer site. This will ensure that any changing nature of, let's say, IP video can be transported over a network as needed. To weed out redundancy, the WAN optimization technology uses deep packet inspection to search for traffic patterns.   

Enterprise customers have tuned into WAN optimization as a way to tighten up their bandwidth consumption. Such a concept is a key concern for Global Crossing's multinational business customers whose communications boundaries cross multiple continents and oceans. The ongoing economic slowdown has prompted even greater interest in WAN optimization as a means to cut costs.  

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