Global Crossing heats up its Latin American VoIP network with Veraz Networks

Global Crossing (Nasdaq: GLBC) has made another move in enhancing its Latin America presence by deploying Veraz's ControlSwitch platform to interconnect various networks in the region.

In this particular deployment, Global Crossing will place the call processing elements of the ControlSwitch in each of its operating countries, while centralizing operational aspects such as billing and element management. The service provider says that this move will enable it to simplify network management, enabling it to improve customer response times.   

Responding to customer outages is only element of the new deployment. The ControlSwitch's open interfaces, Global Crossing will be able to integrate its installed base of media gateways and legacy third-party applications to ensure customer service continuity and introduce new products and services.  

"The flexibility of the Veraz ControlSwitch, its ability to centralize management functions, and its call processing capabilities allow us to better serve our customers with seamless connectivity across the region, while providing Global Crossing with operational efficiency," said Federico La Volpe, operations manager of Voice Solutions for Global Crossing in Latin America in a release.

Latin America has become a major growth area for Global Crossing. Seeing continued growth in the region, the service provider has been continually upgrading its network facilities since late 2008. In addition to the installation of the new Veraz gear, Global Crossing upgraded three of its Mid-Atlantic Crossing (MAC), South American Crossing (SAC) and Pan American Crossing (PAC) submarine cable system routes.

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