Google expands second headquarter plans in San Jose

Google ups its plans for a massive second headquarters in San Jose, California.

Google is gobbling up real estate in the San Jose, California, area as part of its plan to build a colossal second headquarters in the area.

Google has formally applied to build an 80-acre headquarters that includes up to 7.3 million square feet of office space, according to a story by CNBC. That's more than the previous 6.5 million square feet that Google proposed in August.

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Google has also applied for up to 5,900 units of new housing, which topped its previously projection of more than 5,000 units. A company spokesman told CNBC that Google may not use all of the increased ranges in certain areas, and that it won't necessarily develop to the maximum space allotted.

The expanded ranges give Google and the city of San Jose more flexibly as Google seeks feedback leading up to the approval vote next year. Google's current headquarters in nearby Mountain View, and surrounding offices are bursting at the seams, and Google needs the additional space for its expanding workforce.

In addition to the office space, the proposed "Downtown West project would also add homes, hotel rooms, restaurants, shops, entertainment sites, park spaces, event spaces, and cultural amenities in the development, according to a filing released by Google.

Google expects to house up to 25,000 employees in the new offices. Google has bought more than $400 million worth of high-priced real estate in the San Jose area since first announcing its plan two years ago for a new headquarters in San Jose, along with more than $1 billion in Sunnyvale, according to CNBC.