Google Fiber a hit with eligible subscribers in Kansas City, survey says

Google Fiber (Nasdaq: GOOG), according to a new survey from Ideas & Solutions! Inc., found that 60 percent of the qualified population in Kansas City is interested in taking the service.

The research firm said Google has leveraged its brand recognition and 1 Gbps to convince 30 percent of possible subscribers in its Kansas City serving area, located in "fiberhoods," to pay the $10 pre-registration fee.

Besides those pre-registering for the broadband data service, the "Google Fiber Matters: Consumer Demand Study" revealed that another 30 percent of the qualified population expressed interest in Google Fiber's high-speed Internet and video offerings.

"Google Fiber has conducted a remarkable marketing campaign," said Glen Friedman, president of Ideas & Solutions! Inc. "Historically, pay TV 'overbuilders' penetrate about one-third of their marketplace over time. This level of interest in the beginning is unprecedented. For Google Fiber, the challenge moving forward is to do an equally good job on the fulfillment."

What's helped Google gain this momentum in the city was its aggressive market campaign. The Internet giant used a mix of online advertising, social media in addition to hosting a number of local community events in the neighborhoods where they are going to offer the service.

The survey results illustrated Google Fiber beat out local cable and telcos such as Time Warner Cable (NYSE: TWC) on 11 brand attributes.

Of course, Google is still in the early stages of its service roll out in only two cities. However, their presence will continue to also get the attention of incumbent cable MSOs who have enjoyed a near-monopoly for video service.      

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