Google Fiber reveals Atlanta market pricing, replaces 'free' tier with $50, 100 Mbps option

Google Fiber (NASDAQ: GOOG) is finally providing details about how it will price its 1 Gbps FTTH service in Atlanta, while adding some new elements to its broadband roster.

Google Fiber Atlanta page

Google Fiber's pricing page for its pending Atlanta rollout.

Similar to Kansas City and Provo, Utah, Google Fiber will continue to offer its standalone 1 Gbps symmetrical broadband service for $70 a month. It will also give eligible consumers the option to purchase bundle of symmetrical gigabit fiber and TV for $130 a month. Finally, the dual tier is priced at $120 a month for many grandfathered users in Kansas City and Austin.

One of the nuances of its Atlanta rollout plan is that Google Fiber has replaced its "free" 5 Mbps offering -- one that required a one-time $300 installation fee -- with a 100 Mbps tier for $50 a month.

Google Fiber said that Atlanta customers who chose the Basic Internet 100 Mbps plan can upgrade to the Gigabit plan anytime, since the wiring and equipment will already be in place at their premises.

The one detail that's still lacking on Google Fiber's pricing is when it will actually launch the service in Atlanta. Potential customers can access an apartment finder tool and a projected installation map to see if their apartment is on the service provider's installation schedule. In addition, users can put their address into the website to receive updates on when the service will be coming to their neighborhood.

Gigabit broadband competition will heat up this year in Atlanta. Google Fiber is being joined by AT&T (NYSE: T) and Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA), which will each deliver their own 1 Gbps services.

In Atlanta, the service provider revealed it is going to complement its own fiber builds by using existing network infrastructure like conduit and utility poles.

"We want to bring Google Fiber to as many residents in Metro Atlanta as possible, which is why we're building a brand new fiber network across nine cities in the area," Google Fiber said. "In addition to the construction that's already underway, we're connecting some apartment buildings in the suburbs of Atlanta using existing infrastructure so we can reach more people with gigabit speeds."

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