Google Fiber testing VoIP with select group of FTTH subscribers

Google Fiber (NASDAQ: GOOG) is in the process of testing a new voice service with some of its FTTH customers.

The service provider, according to an International Business Times report, will provide a voice service that will allow a user to have one number for any of their wireline or wireless devices.

Some of Google Fiber's customers received an invitation to try out the new voice service, a move that suggests it wants to follow the industry trend to offer triple play bundles of voice, video and data.

Among the several features this proposed service are voice mails delivered to a subscriber's e-mail inbox as well as call screening, spam filtering and do-not-disturb. Google Fiber customers will have the option to use the service with a new number or transfer their landline or wireless number.

"Our latest offering is Google Fiber Phone, which gives you the chance to add home phone service to your current Fiber service plan," Google Fiber said in an e-mail to customers about the trial. "Please be aware that testing Google Fiber Phone will require a service visit in which a Fiber team member will come to your home to install a piece of equipment. If you're selected for this Trusted Tester group, we'll be actively seeking your feedback -- both good and bad -- so that we can improve Fiber Phone once we launch it to all of our customers."

At this point, the service is in a trial phase and is only available to those who have been invited to the beta test. According to the International Business Times report, customers have one week to reply if they agree to the terms Google Fiber lays out in their e-mail.

A Google Fiber spokeswoman told FierceTelecom in an e-mail that "we aren't commenting" about the voice service trial."

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