Google Fiber to go live in Provo in October

Google Fiber (Nasdaq: GOOG) initially said it would deliver its 1 Gbps fiber to the home service to residents of Provo, Utah, by the end of this year, but a new ad indicates that it will start offering services in October.  

Although it did not reveal the actual launch date, the service provider is using the ad to illustrate how much faster its service is than area incumbent telco and cable operators CenturyLink (NYSE: CTL) and Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA).

The short clip proposes the idea that today's "broadband" is someone in a bathrobe attempting to fill an above ground pool with a garden hose, while Google Fiber is a large blast from a fire hose.

(Source: Google / YouTube)

Comcast is the only service provider thus far to offer some response to Google Fiber coming to town, with plans to offer a 250/50 Mbps tier for $70 a month.

The cable MSO's move came not long after Google Fiber revealed its pricing plans for its 1 Gbps and 5/1 Mbps service tiers. After paying a $30 construction fee, eligible customers can get a free 5/1 Mbps tier for seven years. It will also offer a standalone 1 Gbps data connection will cost $70 a month, while a 1 Gbps Internet and TV bundle will be priced at $120 a month.

CenturyLink has yet to offer a response beyond protesting Google's deal to acquire the struggling iProvo network earlier this year. Outside of Provo, the service provider is moving ahead with its 1 Gbps FTTH trial in Omaha.

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