Greece-based backbone provider OTEGLOBE drops Cisco's 400Gbe into its IP core network

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Ahead of more network traffic and large-scale 5G deployments, OTEGLOBE improves its IP backbone network with new Cisco ASR 9900 line cards. (FierceWireless)

In order to fuel a 400G network, Athens, Greece-based OTEGLOBE has added Cisco's ASR 9900 line cards and router into its network backbone.

By using Cisco's ASR 9900 line cards, OTEGLOBE is getting a jump on provisioning more internet traffic at the network edge while also preparing for large-scale 5G deployments.

While there has been some movement on the 400G front this year, it will start to gain more traction from service providers, enterprises and cloud providers next year.

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OTEGLOBE is a network backbone operator that provides transport, peering, and interconnect services throughout Southeastern Europe. It's also a wholesale carrier that reaches Western Europe through Greece over a fully mesh optical backbone network. As the OTEGLOBE network infrastructure grows, the ASR 9900 helps provide the network control and performance necessary to provide an improved experience for OTEGLOBE's customers, according to Cisco.

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The ASR 9900 line cards use Cisco's networking operating system, IOS XR, to customize deployments across OTEGLOBE's IP core network. In addition, the 7nm silicon CPUs provide high throughput rates while also driving down powering costs. The ASR 9900 also enables automation, improved network resiliency, and reduced mean-time to repair, according to Cisco.

By deploying the ASR 9900 line cards and router, OTEGLOBE was able to achieve MEF 3.0 certification.

“By introducing Cisco’s 400 GbE technology to our IP core network, we can respond seamlessly to traffic bursts during peak hours and accommodate even our largest customers’ needs with simplification, economic scale, improved flexibility, and an optimal customer experience," said OTEGLOBE CTO Panagiota Βosdogianni, in a statement.