Green is the new black

Could green technology be the surprise hit of NXTcomm 2008? Though green/sustainability/environmentally-friendly/conservation punctured the social conscience like an ozone-depleting chemical weapon back in 2006, telecom companies did not seem to catch on to the trend. But, just when it seemed like corporate green strategies might be a fad, or a perfunctory nod in the direction of a melting glacier, telecom companies are now getting into it. BT and Verizon both recently made strides with green strategies and promises, and you are bound to hear more about such strategies at NXTcomm 2008.

Fujitsu, Motorola, Eltek Valere, Juniper Networks and other vendors have caught the green bug. There is even a "Green Village" on the NXTcomm show floor. Hope it doesn't look like the Rainforest Cafe...

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