GTA TeleGuam gets fitted for VDSL2

GTA TeleGuam may be aggressively rolling out Fiber to the Home (FTTH)-based networks in both its Greenfield and Brownfield markets, but it's not turning its back on good old copper.

Already offering ADSL2+-based data service with 7 Mbps as the top speed, GTA TeleGuam plans to start testing VDSL2 for its Spyder Internet service. Following the completion of a friendly user trial this summer and fall, the service provider expects to commercially deploy VDSL2 technology on Guam early next year. Like its existing ADSL2+ service, the VDSL2 trial will also run on Occam gear.

VDSL2 is just one of its two tools in GTA TeleGuam's wireline broadband toolkit. Dan Moffat, president and CEO of GTA TeleGuam, said they plan "to use VDLS2 in tandem with our fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) project." To date, about 1,000 homes on Guam are connected GTA TeleGuam's FTTH network via its "Todu Guam" FTTH project.

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