GTA TeleGuam pumps $10 million into network infrastructure

With five years under its belt as a private company, the former state-run GTA TeleGuam is eager to bulk up its wireline/wireless network holdings to stay on par with a host of other competitive providers. The timing can't be any better as the country's population is set to expand when the U.S. government transfers marines to Guam from Okinawa.

To raise its competitive profile, the service provider will invest around $10 million this year on its 3G wireless network and on expanding the coverage of its Guam Digital Television (GUdTV) service. Because of the various restrictions the government placed on it when it was a state-run operator, GTA TeleGuam is finding itself having to get into the ring with aggressive competitors including NTT DoCoMo.  

"GTA TeleGuam has been playing catch-up to larger competitors in the fastest growing communications market segments," said Rolando S. Certeza, executive vice president of sales and marketing for GTA TeleGuam in a release.

This latest investment signals an ongoing trend at GTA TeleGuam. Since being privatized in 2005, GTA TeleGuam has invested $75 million to transform itself from a state-run voice-centric provider to an integrated service provider. In addition to pay-TV and wireless telephony, the service provider offers traditional POTS and DSL-based broadband service, and is modernizing its copper and fiber networks.

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