GTA TeleGuam renews local services contract with the DoD

GTA TeleGuam will put some more federal government revenue in its cap as it has just won a multiyear $1.9 million Department of Defense (DoD) contract to provide local voice and data services to the Joint Region Marianas including the U.S. Naval Base and Andersen Air Force Base in Guam.

Typical of every government contract, GTA TeleGuam won the contract after competing for the business with three other service providers. The DoD contract is significant because it is one of the largest telecom contracts the Air Force's 38th Cyberspace Engineering Group awards, since it encompasses the Naval and Air Force bases in Guam.

Joint Region Marianas oversees support services, policies, and resources for U.S. Naval Base Guam and Andersen Air Force Base. 

In addition to being the largest Air Force telecom contracts, it is the second five-year contract GTA TeleGuam has won with the Joint Region Marianas since becoming private in 2005.

Military buildup will be a key piece of GTA TeleGuam's business prospects going forward, especially as the U.S. military transfers 8,000 marines from Okinawa. This transfer, which would expand the region's population, will require more communications infrastructure that the service provider could potentially serve.  

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