GTA TeleGuam to invest $10 million to expand, improve services in 2011

GTA TeleGuam is sticking to its ongoing network investment strategy with plans to allocate $10 million to enhance its wireline and wireless services.

Similar to its 2010 capital spending plan, GTA TeleGuam will spend another $10 million--part of a total of $90 million it has spent on the island's communications network since going private in 2005-to expand wireless, IPTV, broadband data and even PSTN services in Guam.

"GTA TeleGuam's new investments will help the company stay ahead of growing communications demand in Guam due to the military buildup, tourism, and economic rise in Asia," Certeza said Roland Certeza, executive vice president of sales and marketing for GTA TeleGuam, in a release.

The oncoming military buildup, which will come when the U.S. government transfers marines to Guam from Okinawa, means the service provider will need to up its network ante to stay ahead of a growing base of cable and wireless competitors. To date, GTA TeleGuam competes with three CLECs, four independent wireless operators, and two cable operators.

From a wireline perspective that will likely mean continued investment in its growing both its copper-based (ADSL2+ and VDSL2) and Fiber to the Home (FTTH) last mile networks to deliver more consumer services (IPTV, higher speed data) and expanding its metro fiber networks to deliver Ethernet and IP-based services to businesses. Boasting

But while the emphasis is clearly on expanding next-gen wireless and wireline services like IPTV, GTA TeleGuam is also working to enhance its ‘typhoon-ready' PSTN network. In 2011, the service provider will not only upgrade its copper and fiber networks, but also enhance proactive network monitoring and management to expedite telephone installation, repair and call center support.    

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