Hardware corner: ATCA groups galore

As part of our ongoing look at ATCA, it's time to take a look at the groups that have shaped the ATCA standard and are now bringing it to market:

PICMG: PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group. The body that developed the ATCA and MicroTCA standards.

CP-TA: The Communications Platforms Trade Association is leveraging the PICMG work and ATCA standards to create interoperability, so that ATCA solutions from different vendors can be used in a single network. The CP-TA and SCOPE Alliance recently produced a webinar on the misunderstandings and future potential of ATCA.

SCOPE Alliance: This group is focused on customer requirements for ATCA, commercial-off-the-shelf products and the use of open source elements. While much of the PICMG's work has been done, the SCOPE Alliance is now busy working on the broader implementation of the original concepts.

SA Forum: The Service Availability Forum is working on high-availability and management hardware and software interfaces in support of ATCA and COTS efforts.

OpenSAF Foundation: This is an open source project focused on creating high-availability middleware in support of the SA Forum's specifications. Wants to see code base implemented in commercial products in the interest of creating an SA Forum-compliant operating environment.