Hardware corner: ATCA vendors pass thermal muster

The Communications Platforms Trade Association (CP-TA), which as we noted in last week's Hardware Corner is one of the major industry trade groups addressing ATCA's market development, said last week that several of its members, including RadiSys, Emerson Network Power, Continuous Computing, Kontron and Embedded Computing, are now capable of deploying platforms that have achieved the CP-TA's Test Procedure Manual thermal guidelines. This announcement coincides with CP-TA's validation of DegreeC's Chassis Scan thermal tool as an AdvancedTCA (ATCA) chassis bulk airflow tester.

"This is a significant milestone for the ATCA market," said Todd Keaffaber, CP-TA Technical Working Group Chair, in a statement. "It demonstrates tangible progress in achieving the CP-TA's mission of building a strong ATCA ecosystem by advancing interoperability. The announcement of CP-TA's validation of the Chassis Scan thermal test tool and further clarification of thermal ATCA shelf profiles brings us all closer to the day when Network Equipment Providers (NEPs) can expect CP-TA compliance and certification verification as required ‘must-have' features."

"Thermal interoperability of a blade in an ATCA shelf depends on the airflow characteristics of the shelf and airflow impedance of the blade," according to the CP-TA press release, which adds, "CP-TA is currently reviewing tools for validation that will measure chassis quadrant airflow measurement and slot airflow direction determination capabilities in accordance with PICMG specifications for the ATCA standard and CP-TA interoperability testing requirements."

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- Here's the full CP-TA press release

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