Hardware Corner: CGL propels ATCA efforts

In a previous Hardware Corner, we talked about some of the industry associations contributing to the ongoing development and market adoption of ATCA. We may have overlooked one: The Linux Foundation, or more specifically, that association's Carrier-Grade Linux (CGL) Working Group. Linux has not always been warmly embraced in traditional telecom circles, perhaps because of the perception that carrier-grade issues were not fully understood or addressed. However, that situation is changing, and open source software provides the building blocks for many ATCA platforms and implementations.

CGL is currently in its 4.0 specification phase, which was developed with contributions from many network equipment vendors who are players in the ATCA arena and also members of the SCOPE Alliance working on market-related ATCA issues. Some CGL implementations may actually use earlier versions of the specification, but the CGL Working Group is quickly moving ahead on developing CGL 5.0, which looks to tie in even more deeply with SCOPE Alliance work.

For more:
- Here's a link to the CGL Working Group

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