Hardware Corner: Component firms Opnext, StrataLight pair up

The race to develop 100 Gbps systems could be inspiring consolidation among makers of optical components and subsystems. The latest deal has Opnext set to acquire StrataLight Communications for $172 million in cash and stock. Opnext, spun off from Hitachi about six years ago, makes laser and transceiver modules, while StrataLight on subsystem boxes and transponder modules.

Opnext originally focused on 10 Gbps gear when that was the speed ceiling. Since then, both companies have dabbled in 40 Gbps systems, but StrataLight also has emerged as a 100 Gbps players as well, engaging in a 100 Gbps trial with Cisco Systems and Comcast.

The Opnext-StrataLight deal follows a merger announcement from components firms Finisar and Optium, and industry observers believe more deals could be on the way.

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