Herda: National broadband for business, too

Larissa Herda, the long-time chief of alternative business carrier tw telecom, used a keynote speech at the Spring 2009 COMPTEL PLUS Conference & Expo in Dallas this week to stump for a national broadband policy--for business broadband. Herda said the Federal Communications Commission should not overlook the need for more effective, pro-competitive regulation when it comes to delivering broadband to businesses and corporate enterprises.

Herda may not find many people who believe that business broadband is as urgent a cause or as much in need of a regulatory boost as residential broadband, but she advised the FCC to do three things: reform or do away with the current access charge forbearance process (a popular feeling after years of delayed and inconsistent rulings); regulate special access rules for unbundled network elements; and regulate interconnection for VoIP and data.

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