Home Gateway Initiative event focuses on IPv6 testing, software modularity

As momentum builds around integrating IPv6 capabilities into home gateways, the Home Gateway Initiative has decided to hold a second test event at the end of the year.

Set to be held from November 22 to December 3 in the UK, HGI's second test event will focus on the performance and capabilities of the Home Gateway including QoS and multi-session support. What will be different about the second event is that it will also discuss software modularity and IPv6 testing.

"Our aim this year is to extend the scope of testing to match new capabilities being rolled out by service providers, while increasing the coverage of existing features," Duncan Bees, chief technology and business officer at HGI said in a release. "The increased scope will mean the HGI test event will be an even better yardstick for evaluation of home gateway capabilities."

During the event, the HGI will conduct tests to validate software modularity, an element that enables the HG to support various applications that the service provider can manage and extend to the broadband user.  

No less important is testing an HG's IPv4 and IPv6 capabilities. With IPv4 address space running out, some service providers such as Verizon have begun to test HGs that can simultaneously support IPv4 and IPv6 capabilities. HGI's event could provide further insight for service providers like Verizon as they begin to deploy IPv6-capable CPE.     

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