HomeGrid Forum supports ITU-T's MIMO extension for the G.hn home network standard

HomeGrid Forum, the advocate for the G.hn home networking standard, is endorsing the ITU-T's new draft standard, G.hn-mimo, which adds MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology to the G.hn standard for over a home's existing home wiring.

Although G.hn can support any wired medium (coax, phone lines and powerline), the initial drive of the G.hn MIMO standard is focused on power lines because they are the most challenging wired medium.

Since power wires have three conductors (phase, neutral and ground), G.hn MIMO-based devices, which will be interoperable with the existing G.hn standard, will use simultaneously use multiple paths to increase throughput rates and mitigate noise issues. When a communication path is impaired MIMO G.hn will leverage other paths so content can be delivered uninterrupted.

ITU-T expects to complete technical work on G.hn-mimo by July 2011, with final consent expected in Fall 2011.

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